Our company

Luccables S.r.l. has been founded in 1999 which works in electrical cables and accessorises field.

Its team is totally dedicated in assuring their global partners a commercial assistance which points out their competence and care.

It’s a multilingual staff which has long experience in this field.

The trade of the best Italian products and en excellent service to the customers allow to Luccables to stand out as the most dynamic reality on the world of electrical cables.

Luccables is able to offer cables for the complete and different industrial and house applications.

The full catalogue consist of flexible cables for fixed installation in red and aluminium copper, rubber insulation, PVC and XLPE.

It has also the complete range of cables for Data & Telecom.

It offer furthermore a wide range of halogen free, flame retardant and low smoke cables for the safety of your applications.

Careful to the dynamic of the alternative energies world, Luccables is able to offer cables for Solar/Photovoltaic installations and for eolic applications.

Luccables propose also a catalogue of special products, from silicon insulated cables to flat cables in PVC and rubber until instrumentation and control cables for oil & gas applications.

Moreover the company can provide the most modern products for the security and fire controls.

From low and middle voltage all our cables are constructed according to the best handcraft Italian tradition.

Our cables follow the most important and international quality certifications.

Furthermore the continous attention of Luccables to the foreign markets, allows the company to have homologated cables from different international Institutes such as Gost, VDE and NF.